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Turfcast is an informational resource that provides a daily summary of risk for several turfgrass diseases. The risk assessments (or forecasts) are based on empirical models that relate the prevalence of certain weather conditions with disease outbreaks.
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Disease Risk Indicator Key Turf Disease Risk Indicators for Nov 14, 2018
Brown Patch
Moderate Risk
Pythium Blight
Low Risk
Dollar Spot
Moderate Risk
No Risk
Low Risk
Moderate Risk
High Risk
The weekly summary provides the risk assessment values for weather conditions that occurred at the indicated weather station location. The data can be used with other information to make management decisions such as timing of fungicide sprays. The models have not been rigorously tested in Indiana. They tend to be very conservative in nature, i.e., they are likely to predict disease outbreaks more often than they actually occur.

We at Purdue are conducting research to improve upon our ability to provide turfgrass disease advisories.
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Disease Model 18-Sep-18 17-Sep-18 16-Sep-18 15-Sep-18 14-Sep-18 13-Sep-18 12-Sep-18
Brown Patch Moderate Moderate Moderate Low Moderate Low Low
Pythium Blight Low Low Moderate Low No No No
Dollar Spot Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate High High Moderate

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